so if you plunk in your measurements to this website it’ll pop out a little bald version of yourself

THIS IS GREAT ART REF for a generic standing pose bust still. Never pass up a chance at a rotatable 3d model.



"hey i drew your favorite character/OC, but it sucks so —"





It always seems like parents only ask you to do stuff

okay but he fine….

"Five months of peace is just what I want."

The Shining (1980)


I love my skin!

Im gonna cry :’)..


Space Mercenary 

i can’t believe bayonetta’s a furry

SNK + text posts




Light’s dialogue in Death Note is SO much better if you imagine it as an OKCupid profile.




married since childhood probably

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they get married in a boring little office by the administrative building’s side. it is a quiet affair, fast and unusually low-key, at least, it is for gai, who is loud- too much, complains the general public, he’s too much— in practically every facet of his life ; always bright ( too bright ) and eager ( too eager ) and living life to the fullest extent ( reaching- surpassing— obliterating the limits that dared stand in his path ). laughing, exuberant, youthful and giving it his all, and more-so.

but perhaps it is not so surprising, neither of them are the sort to talk about their private lives, concealing the intimate beneath the obvious— they were both too good of a shinobi to be comfortable with anything else.

so they sign the papers.
engrave the other’s initials and number in their tags as tradition dictates ( and the underside of their headband plates- for sentimentality’s sake ),
and that’s all.

nothing really changes.

shizune is the first to notice— when she is filling out forms for kakashi’s latest visit to the hospital, ( chakra exhaustion, again )— and she sees the little square next to the ‘married’ option ticked off. she thinks nothing of it, guessing a simple mistake is the cause. gai, like always, is added in neat little lines to the bottom of the page as the person of contact in case something goes wrong. but, as previously said, that was nothing new.

they have been each other’s person of contact since they were both eighteen years old and had nobody else to turn to.

it takes time for people to really notice, a month, two and  a half at most, but when they do — it’s chaos. gossip flies and grows and turns into this huge thing everyone won’t stop talking about, people keep looking at them ( more than ever before, if such a thing is possible ), and conversations drop around them wherever they arrive.

when they ask kakashi, he has a myriad of handy excuses ready, enough nonsense mixed in with the truth that it even sounds plausible.

' we challenged each other to get married before we hit thirty. and never have we refused a challenge. ’ ’ i didn’t want to keep paying rent. moving in with gai seemed logical. ’ ’ we’re saving on taxes. ’ ’ he brought me flowers this one time and i was moved. ’ ’ i liked the idea of being the pampered young wife that only needs to look pretty. ‘ 

gai would boast about the fullness of youth, the springtime of love and eternal fulfilment and other such headache inducing sappy speech filled with many exclamation points. and thumbs up to whoever was looking.

they didn’t really understand.
naruto had a hard time even grasping his head around the fact that kakashi— his sensei and his ‘eternal rival’ were a couple. and he probably wasn’t the only one.
but that was alright, too. 

they needed no validation but their own.
wanted no acknowledgement but the other’s.

truth was, their married life was the same as before. exactly the same. their days had been pretty much intrinsically linked together for years and years. making it official was, well, something they might as well do and get over with.


friends turned lovers is literally my favorite trope - like, all other tropes can go home.

give me shared inside jokes that date back to wayyyyy before a first kiss was ever shared. give me living together with separate bedrooms until one of them gradually becomes unnecessary. give me confused reactions from people who already assumed the two of them were dating. give me arguments over what counts as an anniversary because should we start at the date we met or the date we became friends or the date we got over our stupid selves and finally started kissing.

give me stories that show the line between friends and lovers is a really, really thin one - that appreciating the friendship that two characters share doesn’t mean you can’t ship them really damn hard too. that you can keep all the awesome friends-being-assholes-to-each-other stuff and add on all the shippy stuff to get something extra special awesome.

give me all of that.


surprise birthday cake no jutsu


surprise birthday cake no jutsu

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